For release on January 26th, 2014

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**********************************************TREMPE LOGO W
We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new concept in the world of Second Life Fashion: TREMPE.
Officially, TREMPE will open its doors to business on the 27th of January 2014, and from then on, will be ready to accommodate all fashion needs.
Dynamic, fashion forward and marketing oriented boutique-style agency, this is TREMPE model management, whose simple goal is to take excellence to brand new levels.
Founded by Anna Sapphire, TREMPE relies on a team of very experienced and highly qualified fashion and marketing professionals, all working for a common goal: to creatively improve the fashion industry.
Open to new challenges, yet fully aware of everything that is happening, TREMPE will put all its efforts into finding new ways to market fashion.
TREMPE’s models will stand out as they are the most skilled, talented and unique models in the industry, ready to work with the designers and ensure they are extremely well represented.
A fresh and dynamic team, TREMPE aims to constantly search for new talents and will, in fact, strive to always feature the best of the newest models, photographers and designers.
Initially, TREMPE will offer services in the following three areas:
High fashion guidebook published quarterly with new releases from designers for the coming season. It will feature the best fashion SL has to offer.
Where selected fashion and photography artists inspire the grid through mini editorials.
Live fashion events and other fashion related projects.

The road is long, but with the commitment and dedication of all TREMPE’s staff, we are certain we are already on the path to success. Will you join us?


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Hi guys, I hope your holidays were amazing and you are ready to rock the new year!

Here is just a random inspiration to start this 2014 with something I love.

ONE blog

I hope you like this look and have a great day!



Hair and horns: LELUTKA | Travail, BlueRinse

Necklace: KUNGLERS | Elysium, Copper ***

Makeup: ZIBSKA | Ingzi, Terra ***

Leggings:ZIBSKA | Ulfa Noir Tights ***


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Antique Modern

Playing with some new releases today I came up with a strange combination that reminds me of antique times with a very modern flair.

What do you think about it? I’d love to hear your impressions of this outfit :)

hb blog hs blog



Hair: EPOQUE | Sharp, Glacial

Top: MARSHMALLOWS | Leave Top, Silver ***

Sleeves: HOUSE OF FOX | Imon Jacket

Panties: LEEZU! | Vera, Black & White ***

Jewelry: FINESMITH | Mei Tal Ornement, Black ***

Tattoo: MIAMAI BlackLabel | Ordoroe, Black ***


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Oh My Queen!

Hi guys, I want to show you today the outfit I wore for MVW 2014 Finals last Saturday.

It was really an amazing event: I was a judge this year and I walked with past years MVW ladies (for the first time in SL history we were all 6 on the same stage at the same time). The crowning moment was so touching with Miss Natzuka Miliandrovic final speech (thank you again my dear for your sweet words), Frolic Mills announcement of his retirement as CEO of BOSL and Miss Anjelica Carling crowned MVW 2014.

I asked to the amazing LeeZu! Baxter to make a custom gown for me with some inspirations from McQueen and Balmain, and she surpassed my dreams doing magic: an absolutely unique and fabulous gown I want to wear until I die.  If are thinking to buy it, the gown will be out some time next week in a lot of colours, so hold on tight!

 MVW finale look

To make it even more precious, I wore it with Soraya Vaher‘s haute couture jewelry.

Anna VIOLATOR Jewelry

I hope you like this look as much as I do. Once again my congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful year to our newly crowned Miss Virtual World 2014, Anjelica Carling!



Hair: KIK | Gisele

Gown (and hat on the mannequin): LEEZU! (out next week!) ***

Jewelry: VIOLATOR | Serenity Collar and Face Frame, Renaissance Crown ***

Nail Polish: NAILED IT | Gemstones ***


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First Snow

I love winter and I feel so inspired by this season. Here is a casual outfit to wear while playing with first snow, cozy enough to chill with your friends or explore beautiful winter themed sims.


blog2 blog3



Hair with hat: KIK | Nene, Grey Mix

Vest: ISON @ Collabor88 | Raw Hide Vest, Blush ***

Collar: ISON @ Collabor88 | Oversized Infinity Scarf, Blush ***

Pull: NYU | Wool Slim Sweater, Grey ***

Pants: GIZZA | Let Loose Pants, Grey ***

Boots with Socks: E-CLIPSE | Camperos, Sand ***

Nail Polish: NAILED IT | Autumn Nights ***


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Lost Aviator

Postcards from an adventure…






Dress: ISON @ Collabor88 | Asymmetric Tank Dress, Black ***

Helmet: .SHI The Arcade | Distressed Aviator, Rare 4

Collar:  .SHI | Hesed Neck Warmer, Cigar

Sunglasses: WHATEVER | Aviator Glasses, Black ***

Booties: KUNGLERS | Valquiria ankle boots, Rousset ***


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The Golden Thread

I had the pleasure to participate in one of the most creative shows of the year: The Golden Thread by MIAMAI. I’d like to take this chance to congratulate Monica Outlander and her wonderful staff for producing what can be described only as pure art. I couldn’t be more proud to be Face of Miamai.

Here is the concept behind the collection:

“The Golden Thread is what connects us all to the Earth and the Universe we live in. It’s the energy that runs between humans, animals, spirits; it’s what makes us a part of the whole. Some call it God. This collection is centered on the idea of the interconnection, and to how we can be compassionate and dance with the other living beings, sharing ourselves, mixing, evolving. It’s about forgetting the ego and doing what we love just because it’s what we are meant to be. It’s about to look at the other creatures around us and realize they are not objects or shadows lingering around us, but brothers and sisters; to connect with the animal soul and find a wild trance, a silent teaching. Finally, it’s about how opening our eyes can lead us to highest places, to stronger euphory and the feeling to be, finally, at home.”  (Monica Outlander)



I will show you more from this stunning collection in next posts and I suggest you to check out the ART EXPO dedicated to Monica’s artistic designs.

If you missed the show you can watch the beautiful video below to have an idea of how it was.



Shirt: MIAMAI BlackLabel | Serenata ***

Pants: MIAMAI BlackLabel | Notturno ***

Booties: LEEZU | Havasu Falls Ankle Boots, Yellow ***

Butterfly: GIZZA | Papillion Eye Accessory, Black ***

Necklace: MAXI GOSSAMER @ THE ARCADE | Truth Owl, Black (RARE) ***

Hairbase: BOON | Cropped Hairbase, Platinum


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Unicorns! Unicorns everywhere!

I’m feeling so girly, playful and cute today… must be because I have always loved unicorns and used to collect them when I was a kid. Imagine my happiness and surprise when I found so many items inspired by them at  THE ARCADE  :)

unicorns blog

unicorns blog2



Skin: THE SKINNERY @ THE ARCADE | Maya 12, Champagne ***

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT THE ARCADE | Cho Hair, Honey + Sun and Flower ***

Hair Bow: KATAT0NIK THE ARCADE | Carousel Hair Bow, Strawberry Unicorn (RARE) ***

Necklace: KATAT0NIK @ THE ARCADE | Carousel Necklace, Sweet Unicorn ***

Hand Stick: KATAT0NIK @ THE ARCADE | Carousel Candy Stick, Sunny ***

Bag: BOOGERS @ THE ARCADE | BubbleGummiCorn Carry Along ***

Nail Polish: KOSH @ THE ARCADE | Candy Cane ***

Flats: FRI.DAY @ THE ARCADE | Cozy Flats, Turquoise ***

White and Pink Unicorns: HUCCI @ THE ARCADE | Unicorn Believe, Pink Zebra (RARE) and Wild Pink (RARE) ***

Blue Horse: HANDVERK @ THE ARCADE | Carousel Horse, Robin’s Egg

Sofa: OLIVE @ THE ARCADE | Dream Catcher Bench (RARE) ***

Top: GIRL THURSDAY | Cable Knit Halter, Pink ***

Jeans: APHORISM | Hipster Bootcut Jeans, Dark Blue ***


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