Another gown, another style for FELLINI COUTURE. The awsome artist and designer Joy Fellini has no fear to experiment always something new… and wow, what awsome result! This “Crow Gown” is a mix of lace and latex, both sensual and disturbing, you will enjoy this outfit in differents way!

You can wear the gown with the short pant (in the picture) for a sexier effect or with the full lenght a pant for a complete suit. You can also choose to wear it with or without the  flying feathers  trail. A large collar of lace around the face for a very mysterious look. Avantgarde has never been so sexy!  Be carefull guys the goddess of hell is here.



- Hair: DEITY “Jahi Hair” Angelic

- Boots: J’S “Thigh High Boots” Black

- Nails: DIRAM “Claw Nails”

- Bracelets: OH! STUDIO “My Bangle Prado”

- Eyebrows Jewels: BAIASTICE “Diamond Eyebrows”

- Skin: GLAM AFFAIR “Eva” Light 12


FELLINI COUTURE is happy to present “Minnie”!

You all remember your childhood with Disney cartoons?! FELLINI COUTURE takes you back in time with this dress never seen before! In a polka-dotted pattern, the gown is adorned with big daisies and small cute mouses. The bottom of the skirt part support lil’ tv with different animated pictures of the famous Mikey Mouse in black and white which give a retro look. The outfit is completed with a beautiful hat with a daisy and gloves.

You really have to see this dress! It’s really funny and you’ll make a fantastic impression wearing this dress at a party!

This is a must to have for all childhood nostalgic and for all the woman child!

Photographer & Designer: Joy Fellini

Fellini is Audace!


The latest release of FELLINI COUTURE is a gorgeous surprising outfit called “Audace”, that means audacious. It’s easy to understand why… this outfit is pure seduction with its black lace and amazing details and transparencies.

The black sleeves are like soft wings to fly in your dreams, the black silk of the pants ends with a beautiful soft bow belt and the top made of transparent lace and veils is decorated by a chest jewel… This dream made oufit comes also with the elegant hair decoration: two black roses crossed, perfect to combine with PLUME hair “Elegance”.



FELLINI COUTURE has just released a fabulous gown called “Midnight”. Another masterpiece that is going to add to the breath-taking collection of Joy Fellini dreamy gowns.

“Midnight” is a total black dress with incredible candles, the unique touch of light in this super-elegant and gorgeous night.

The fabric of the skirt is studded with little diamonds-stars and the amazing details of the lace top, gloves and hat are the mystery of this unforgettable night. “Midnight” is the time of magic and this dress is pure magic and elegance.


- Dress (hat and gloves included):  FELLINI COUTURE “Midnight”

- Earrings: ZAARA “Anaya Cluster Earrings Onyx” Silver

- Hair: SON!A “Perla Updo” Blonde


“Pourpre” is the new fabulous gown from FELLINI COUTURE that will leave you breathless. Delicate lace and red flowers surround your body and bound it with the magnificence of this amazing intense red color.

The big flowered skirt and the shoulder attach decorate this beautiful gown, embellished by a pair of lace gloves with bracelets and a big fantastic hat. Elegance is the keyword as always at FELLINI COUTURE!

“Pourpre” is another masterpiece of the creative fantasy of Joy Fellini! Another not-to-be-missed gown!